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Take all the performance, versatility and speed of the industry's leading chopper, and make it even more user-friendly for ultimate ROI supremacy!

Chop, slice and wedge faster than ever! Nemco takes one of its most versatile food prep tools to the next level with a number of subtle, but significant, enhancements that are nothing short of breakthroughs in user-friendly design.

Hearing the market’s wish list for an even better chopping tool, Nemco has evolved its already popular Easy Chopper yet again, with multiple features the market has never seen before!

The Chopper 3’s interchangeable blade assemblies and push blocks are color coded to ensure fit, avoid destructive blade crashing and even make reordering super easy!




Color-coded blade assemblies and push blocks make correct change-out even faster and easier than before—with less risk of mismatching that can crash the blades and damage the block.


Revolutionary push-block “gaskets” reduce cleaning the block to nothing more than a pull of two tabs and a wash, rinse and sanitize. Just slip the gasket over its corresponding block before chopping. When done, remove it and pull all the built-up food debris right out. No more digging at the block like a pair of muddy football cleats.


Engineered nylon-based resin material used to manufacture the push blocks is more durable for longer performance life, reducing the risk of tooth breakage from classic commercial kitchen use or block shavings in the food from accidental blade contact while cutting.


A higher, wider base can sprawl over a standard 1⁄ 3- or 1⁄6-size six-inch deep food pan, or a two-quart round pan.


4 1⁄4"-square cutting area handles the BIG veggies with minimal precutting and is configured to provide a uniform, precise cut size from edge to edge.


Weighted ergonomic handle and super-sharp blades give even your most inexperienced employees the ability to chop, slice and wedge with elite speed.


As durable as ever, with commercial-grade aluminum construction and stainless-steel blades.



The Easy Chopper 3 is the all-in-one heavy hitter for fast chopping, slicing and wedging of onions, tomatoes, potatoes, celery, peppers and other firm veggies. It’s even the go-to for cutting fresh herbs, like cilantro, basil, parsley and more. It even cuts cooked chicken and ham! This reliable versatility, combined with its user-friendly fringe benefits, makes it the perfect tool for any high-speed kitchen.